CMTA 500 series Compact Electro-Pneumatic Regulator

Pressure range: -100kPa~0.9 Mpa; Max. vacuum pressure: -100 Kpa; Max. suction flow: 18 L/min; High response, fast action, high precision and precise control. 1. Compact size/Precise control/High response. 2. Fast action: High-speed response time (0.2sec when no load) 3. High precision: Repeatability ±1% F.S.or less 4. High stability: ±0.2% F.S. or less 5. Compact design only 15mm thickness, light weight manifold can save space.
Model CMTA, CMAA Fluid Air
Pressure range -100kPa~0.9Mpa Max. Vacuum pressure -91.8 Kpa
Suction flow 18 L/min Port size P port/A port: ø4, ø4. R port: ø4″
Temperature range 5~60°C Material Body: Brass (nickel plated) , Plastic part: Nylon, Pbt
Valve type SR2-100 Electrical entry Single unit: Individual wiring. Manifold: Individual wiring, Unified wiring.
Rated voltage 24±10% VDC Power consumption 1.2W

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