Direct Drive Motor-DMN



The DM series is designed with an integrated, high resolution feedback system optimized to achieve high dynamic motion, high torque and high precision. The DMS series is a perfect fit for industries that require high precision.
Compared with servo motor with gear box


  • DMN95 (download>> CAD, STEP)
  • DMN9A (download>> CAD, STEP)


  • DMN21-A0 (download>> CAD, STEP)
  • DMN22-A0 (download>> CAD, STEP)
  • DMN42-A0 (download>> CAD, STEP)
  • DMN42G (download>> CAD, STEP)
  • DMN44-A0 (download>> CAD, STEP)
  • DMN71-B0 (download>> CAD, STEP)
  • DMN71G (download>> CAD, STEP)
  • DMN93-B0 (download>> CAD, STEP)
  • DMN93G (download>> CAD, STEP)


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