E1 Series Servo Motor

New developed AC servo motor can be applicable to FPD, semiconductor, laser cutting, PCB, machine tool, 3C  electronics, Energy, automobile, measuring/inspection industry and related automation industry. Compare to last generation FR series, EM1 servo motor enhances speed, encoder resolution, compact size, and ensure speedy settling, stability, tuneless function with dynamic payload by working with brand-new E1 drive, that can effectively improve production efficiency.
  • Easy and quick installation interface
  • Compact size, high speed
  • Rated output 200W~2KW, optional brake, IP65 and key
  • E1-1.2KW (download>> CAD, STEP)

  • E1-1KW (download>> CAD, STEP)

  • E1-200W (download>> CAD, STEP)

  • E1-2KW(H) (download>> CAD, STEP)

  • E1-2KW(L) (download>> CAD, STEP)

  • E1-400W (download>> CAD, STEP)

  • E1-750W (download>> CAD, STEP)

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