EV series Vacuum Ejector

Pressure range: 0.1~1.6 Mpa; Max. Vacuum pressure: -91.8 kPa; Max. suction flow: 225 L/min; Aluminum alloy body.


  • Negative pressure easily to be generatedNegative pressure is generated by aor pressure
  • Easy to changeFilter can be changed easily when conjection occurs.
  • DiversificationDiverse types in suction pad’s diameter


Fluid Air Pressure range (Mpa) 0.1~1.6
Max. Vacuum pressure (kPa) -91.8 Model EV-05, EV-10, EV-15, EV-20, EV-25, EV-30
Nozzle size Ø0.5, Ø1.0, Ø1.5, Ø2.0, Ø2.5, Ø3.0 Suction flow (L/min) 6~225 (By nozzle size)
Air consumption (L/min) 13~385 (By nozzle size) Temperature range (°C) 0~60
Material Aluminum alloy body, plastic: NYLON, PBT Port size RC1/8~3/4
Pressure Switch/Model S With switch type, SK With switch and adjustable type Pressure Switch/range S =-39.9 kPa, SK =-46.6 kPa
Pressure Switch/ Model AC125V: 5A, AC250V: 3A Pressure Switch/Nozzle size (kPa) ± 5.3
Pressure Switch/Output Switch Output