NFC series FR.L. Combinations

Fluid: Air; Port size: M5 ~ RC 1; Filter grade: 5 um; Max. service pressure: 9.5 kg/cm²; Pressure range: 0.5~8.5 kg/cm²; Temperature: 5~60℃.


  • Pressure source control

    Combinations filters, regulators and lubricators to completed the output filtration, then set pressure and adjusted the gas lubricated.

  • Modular structure

    Use pressure switch to check the air pressure, different stucture with different treatment.


Fluid Air Port size M5 ~ RC 1
Filter grade 5 um Max. service pressure 9.5 kg/cm²
Pressure range 0.5~8.5 kg/cm² Temperature 5~60℃
Recommended lubricants VG-32 Drain holding capacity 5cc, 15cc, 30cc, 60cc, 100cc
Lubricants capacity 9cc, 25cc, 50cc, 90cc, 160cc Weight 0.16kg, 0.37kg, 0.79kg, 1.17kg, 2.2kg, 2.54kg