RBZ series Rotary Actuated Air Gripper

Bore size: 10, 16, 20; Acting: Double acting; Claw opening and closing stroke: 4, 6, 10mm.


  • Integration of structure:The rotary cylinder and the mechanical gripper are integrated into one body. When the mechanical gripper rotates, the body does not rotate, and the air pipe won’t cause the problem of entanglement.
  • Large output torque:The rotary part adopts a toothed row rotary structure, and the rotary torque is larger than that of the RMZ series.
  • Automated control:The mechanical gripper and rotary cylinders are equipped with an inductive magnet. It can control with a sensor.


Model RBZ Bore size (Ømm) 10/ 16/ 20
Acting Double acting Claw opening and closing stroke(mm) 4/ 6/ 10
Pressure range (kgf/cm²) 2 ~ 7