Shihlin SC3 inverter


Compact and high-performance vector control Shihlin SC3 series inverter, small in size with all the function needed like built-in RFI filter, PID feedback control, excellent current detection, overload protection and supports external keypad.


  • Output Frequency: 0 ~ 599Hz
  • 32 Bit CPU High Performance Vector Control.
  • 5 Points Adjustable V/F Curve.
  • Dual MODBUS Communication Interface (Baud rate up to 115200bps).
  • Built-in RFI Filter.
  • Built-In Pid Feedback Control.
  • DIN-rail Mounting.


  • Capacity: 0.2KW(0.25HP) to 5.5KW(7.5HP)
  • Compact size
  • Output frequency: 0 ~ 650Hz
  • Starting torque: 180%/ 3HZ
  • Built-in RFI filter
  • Low noise at low speed
  • Execellent vibration resistant ability
  • Easy to operate with optimied knob
  • Reasonable absorb circuit and element match, adn effectively decrease teh low induction voltage by 50%

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