SM series Body Ported Solenoid Valve

Max. number of stations: 20; Orifice (CV): 9mm², 16.2mm², 30.60mm²; Accessory: Side bracket and foot bracket option; Valve Model: Body ported and one-tough fitting type; SM valves have indicated light and voltage protection circuit.


  • Piping optionOne-touch fitting and body ported.
  • Acutator type5/2 single, 5/2 double, 5/3 double and 3/2 valve option.
  • Multiple actuation options and applicable with manifoldsOne-touching fitting on body – applied with manifold that grouping all air flow-in and exhuasted.


Model SM5000 SM7000 SM9000
Fluid Air
Pressure range kgf/cm²(kPa) 1.5~7 (150~700)
Operating ambient temperature range (℃) 0~50
Operating method Pilot operated
Number of position ports 5 ports 2 positions, 5 ports 3 positions
Valve functions Normal closed
Orifice mm² (CV) 9 (0.5) 16.2 ( 0.9 ) 30.6 (1.7)
Manual button Push and lock
Connection port Rc 1/8, Ø4, Ø6, Ø8 Rc 1/8, Rc 1/4, Rc 3/8, Ø6, Ø8, Ø10, Ø12
Lubrication Lubrication free type