Surge Protective Device BHP100

Max. discharge current Imax/Iimp: 100kA (8/20μs)


  • Standards: IEC61643, IEC61312-1, 61643-1, 61000-5-6, VED0675,UL14492-2,UL1283,CSA22.2
  • Modular design, anti-error assembling design, withdraw able surge arrestor allow quick replacement of the failed module (end of life) without cutting the power.
  • With standard DIN rail (35mm) installation, easy to install and speed up the replacing process.
  • The IP code dustproof and waterproof level is IP20.
  • Meets the IEC 61643-11 standard and CE declaration.
  • Voltage impulse counter (AC110V/220V) is available for monitoring maximum of 99 counts.
  • Has memory function, non-return to zero after power failure.


  • Din rail installation
  • Class II
  • Max. discharge current Imax/Iimp: 100kA (8/20μs)
  • Pole: 1P / 1P+1 / 1P+N / 3P / 3P+1 / 3P+N
  • Uc(AC): 385V
  • In(8/20μs): 60kA